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approach to projects.


One APS secondee

explained: ‘I’m now more tolerant and accepting

of people’s differences in the workplace.’ Another

commented: ‘I realise now how important it is to

be consultative and inclusive in change activities’.

I’ve always been interested in Indigenous

affairs, but my secondment has left me

even more passionate and motivated

to utilise the skills and experience

I have to contribute in this space.



Jawun experiences commonly inspired or unlocked

a desire to

take action

and continue to


to Indigenous affairs

. In the 2014 Jawun Alumni

Survey, 83% of respondents reported that their

Jawun secondment was a key motivator for more

active involvement in Indigenous affairs. Secondees

identified several areas of contribution post-

secondment, including volunteer work, formal

or informal advocacy on Indigenous issues,

and advising or serving on Indigenous boards

(see Figure 9).

Bonnie Carter from the Department of Defence

was inspired to become a


following her

secondment, and said her Jawun experience

provided a valuable point of connection: ‘I became

a mentor for an Indigenous woman at work, which

was outside of my usual role. I told her about my

Jawun experience and she respected me for that.

Then all of a sudden I had other trainees contacting

me and I’ve ended up becoming a mentor to

a larger group of Indigenous employees.’ Bonnie

said this continued engagement has been common

in her department: ‘A lot of people in Defence

who’ve completed a Jawun secondment have

gone on to support our Indigenous programs—

particularly with the Navy, Army or Air Force reserves.’

In the 2014 Jawun Alumni Survey, one former

secondee commented:

I have now joined the Brothers and Sisters

program for Westpac. This is an Indigenous

employee action group which celebrates

Indigenous culture and helps Indigenous

employees connect with each other. Through

this, I promote Indigenous awareness throughout

the business and also provide mentoring to

young Indigenous employees.

From left: Carolina De La Piedra (Qantas secondee), Sarah Henderson (ATO secondee), Tim McGreen (Hope Vale Traditional Elder), Donagh

Warner (Westpac secondee), Glenn Weston (Jawun Regional Director, Cape York) and Vit Koci (Program Manager, Indigenous Community

Partnerships, Westpac), Cape York, 2015.

Photo: David Rennie