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Jawun would like to thank its valued corporate,

government, philanthropic and Indigenous

stakeholders for their input into this report.

Jawun would also like to acknowledge the

assistance of volunteers who have contributed

their time towards the preparation of this report.

In preparing this report, Jawun drew on in-depth

interviews with more than 50 individuals and

senior executives, including current and past

secondees, from our corporate and government

partners. Their names are listed below.

Jaimes Adlington, Westpac

Carmen Ashcroft, IAG

Ilana Atlas, Jawun Board member

Tina Bain, NAB

Beau Beckman, Department of Defence

Dr Tracey Benson, Department of Industry and Science

Glen Brennan, NAB

Bonnie Carter, Department of Defence

Colin Carter, ex-BCG

Phillip Chan, ex-KPMG

Kate Chaney, Wesfarmers

Trish Clancy, BCG

Tien Do, KPMG

Victoria Doherty, QBE

Maria English, BCG

Melanie Evans, Westpac

Susan Ferrier, KPMG

Adrian Fisk, KPMG

Martina Friedl, Westpac

Pete Goss, ex-BCG

Sarah Goss, SJ Spencer Consulting

Justine Greig, Department of Defence

Melissa Griggs, ex-Westpac, now Suncorp

Richie Hadfield, CBA

Jason Hammond, QBE

Peter Hanlon, BankSA

Brian Hartzer, Westpac

Tom Hughes, ex-Qantas

Catherine Hunter, KPMG

Naomi Jeacle, Australian Public Service Commission

Tanya Kaye, KPMG

Chadi Khalifeh, ex-KPMG

Warren King, ex-Department of Defence

Vit Koci, Westpac

Nina Kordic, IAG

Rebecca Kotow, NAB

Nathan Krieger, ex-Westpac

Leena Lim, Suncorp

Rebecca Lund, NAB

James Mabbott, KPMG

Emma Majstrovich, Woodside

Elise Marciano, Woodside

Sara McDonald, Westpac

Rupert Myer AO, Jawun Board member

Maria Niedzwiecka, ex-KPMG

Melissa Noonan, Westpac

Beth Patterson, Allens

Noel Pearson, Cape York Partnership

Tim Plant, QBE

Katherine Power, Australian Public Service Commission

Luke Raffin, BCG

Steve Raynor, QBE

Dennis Richardson, Department of Defence

Peter Riley, Westpac

Ben Rimmer, ex-BCG

Peter Rixon, Australian Public Service

Cameron Roan, KPMG

Anthony Roediger, BCG

Michael Rose, Allens

Renee Schicks, CBA

James Sheffield, CBA

Martin Sheppard, KPMG

Ann Sherry, ex-Westpac

Chris Simpson, ex-KPMG

Steph Stokes, NAB

Jodie Symes, Allens

Ben Tan, KPMG

Siobhan Toohill, Westpac

Alan Tudge, ex-BCG

John Williams, Westpac

Gary Woods, NAB

Rachel Yang, KPMG



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Our right to take responsibility


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In 2014, Jawun conducted a survey of 1,516

former secondees, with a 28% response rate (421

respondents), which is referred to in this report as

the ‘Jawun Alumni Survey’. In the survey, 77% of

respondents described their Jawun secondment

as ‘life-changing’.


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In the Jawun Alumni Survey, 99% of respondents

reported improved understanding of Indigenous

people after their secondment.



10. In the Jawun Alumni Survey, 80% of respondents

reported that their secondment was the most

impactful development program they had

ever attended.


Daniel Goleman, ‘What makes a leader?’,


Business Review

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