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Page Background

Impact within organisations

Measuring the impact of the Jawun partnership

within organisations is difficult as there is no

recognised single method by which to evaluate

the various ways that value is captured and

reported. Organisations choose to partner with

Jawun for a range of reasons, which means

there are differences in their expectations of

value creation and in the extent to which

effectiveness is measured.

Jawun has conducted extensive interviews with

senior leaders of its corporate and government

partners to explore how value creation and return

on investment is demonstrated internally. It is

clear that organisations that position the Jawun

partnership at the core of their business strategy

are best placed to recognise the internal dividend.

KPMG’s purpose is about inspiring

confidence and empowering change—

I think at all levels the Jawun program is

probably the one that goes to the heart

of that, in terms of efforts on the ground.



The organisational ‘why’

Align to purpose

Underpin values

Support organisational goals

Corporate organisations and government

agencies are inspired to partner with Jawun for

reasons of ‘fit’. The most effective partnerships

occur when businesses see alignment between

the opportunities Jawun presents and their

organisational goals.

The ability to contribute to positive outcomes

for Indigenous communities is a key driver, often

supported by alignment of the organisation’s

purpose to Jawun’s aims; the potential for internal

capability build through increased intercultural

competency, people and leadership development;

and the demonstration of an organisation’s

values through employee activities.

Gary McDonald (Westpac secondee) and Millie Ingram (CEO, Wyanga Aged Care), Redfern, Sydney, 2010.

Photo: Daniel Linnet, Linnet Foto