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Defence and Jawun—delivering

a return on investment

In the five years the Department

of Defence has partnered with

Jawun, it has sent 45 secondees into

eight regions across Australia. For

Dennis Richardson, Secretary of the

Department of Defence, while ‘it’s

an inherently good thing to do’, his

raison d’être is to achieve mutual

and material value for Defence

within his national commitment

to employment opportunity

for Indigenous Australians.

As one of the largest employers in

Australia, Dennis said: ‘It’s important

for Defence, in all its dimensions, to

have relationships with organisations

such as Jawun that can assist our

engagement within Australia and

bring skills into the organisation,

for quite selfish reasons.

‘If I didn’t see benefits in terms of the

organisation, I would still see merit in

taking part but I wouldn’t necessarily

be as enthusiastic. Where you get

a trade-off in terms of your own

organisational strategies is when you

can say, “If we were to run a cost–

benefit analysis on this, it would be

more than paying for itself.”’

In foreground: Steve Grzeskowiak (Deputy Secretary Estate and Infrastructure, Department of Defence)

on the Cape York Executive Visit, 2014.

Photo: Daniel Linnet, Linnet Foto