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Page Background

A number of key insights emerged during the

research for this report on ways to create positive

impact within secondment partner organisations.

Barriers to value creation were also identified.

Opportunities for value creation

Shared value exists beyond

contribution to Indigenous


Partners typically first engage with Jawun to

support Indigenous engagement or corporate

social responsibility goals, and then find that there

are broader opportunities to derive value through

partnership. These are in the areas of building

internal capability, particularly in people and

leadership development; intercultural competency;

inclusion; deeper connection to organisational

culture and values; and brand and stakeholder

relations, which can become predominant

value drivers for partners.

Secondees learn and experience

growth, particularly in emotional


Exposure to new ways of thinking and working

builds capability in individuals, which is applied in

the workplace in different ways. This is reflected

in attitudinal and behavioural change, growth

in intercultural competency and emotional

intelligence. Attributes of emotional intelligence

such as the ability to deal with ambiguity and

manage complexity, social skills, resilience

and empathy are challenged and stretched on

secondment. This in turn contributes to personal

and professional development, leadership

effectiveness and an individual’s potential

to progress in the workplace.

Growth is accelerated

through immersion

Secondees develop skills faster on secondment

than in other learning environments due to

the unique nature of the ‘out of comfort zone’

experience, which requires an individual to be

flexible, improvise, be accountable, make decisions

‘in the grey’, adapt to different styles of working

and engage with new stakeholders with diverse

cultural perspectives. The necessity to deliver

meaningful work in this immersive environment

significantly accelerates the learning curve.

Individuals experience long-term

impact from a Jawun secondment

The effects of a secondment are felt immediately

post-secondment and continue to deliver value

over the long term. Secondees continually draw on

their learnings and, over time, attribute the growth

they experienced to influencing and shaping

their self-efficacy, behaviours, choices, actions,

leadership style and career paths. Many identified

the program as a catalyst in their personal or

professional development.

Leveraging Jawun across multiple

strategies can increase return on


When the partnership is leveraged across a

range of aligned business strategies, it can

deliver a material return on investment. Jawun

can be used to help drive people and leadership

goals, organisational culture, corporate social

responsibility, stakeholder relations, brand and

inclusion strategies, among others. When senior

leadership articulates how the partnership supports

the organisation’s strategies and makes the desired

outcomes clear, employees better understand

expectations and can drive greater value back

into the business.






Key insights