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Since 2010, Jawun has produced a yearly report

that showcases key learnings and insights focusing

on a particular aspect of the organisation. This is

Jawun’s sixth such report. Previous reports can be

accessed on Jawun’s website at


This Learnings and Insights report is Part 1 in a

two-part series.

Jawun—A Story of Shared Value:

Corporate and government partners

focuses on

our secondment partners and explores the value

of the Jawun relationship at a number of levels.

Part 2 in the series, to be released in 2016, will

focus on Indigenous partnerships and explore how

Jawun is contributing to lasting and measurable

outcomes in the lives of people in those


The first section of the report, ‘Jawun: Since 2001’,

describes how the partnership has evolved over

the past 15 years. In the second section, ‘Creating

value’, we explore the personal and professional

growth that has taken place in individuals as a

result of their Jawun secondment. Then, from

a secondment partner perspective, we look at

organisational proof points of value creation

that come from engaging with the secondment

program and the opportunities Jawun presents

to collaborate with Indigenous Australia. We

draw from these insights to affirm ways in which

our partners can unlock deeper value through

partnering with Jawun. In the final section,

‘A growing ripple effect’, the larger impact of

Jawun is described: how the growing number

of Jawun secondees capable of genuine and

effective engagement with Indigenous Australia

can influence society more broadly.

The information in this report was garnered from

more than 50 in-depth interviews with individuals

and senior executives, including current and past

secondees, from our corporate and government

partners. Their names are listed in the

acknowledgments. Wherever possible, the report

includes direct quotations from the interviewees,

examples and case studies to bring these insights

to life.

As Jawun continues to grow and learn more

about engaging with Indigenous communities,

it is committed to sharing what it learns with

government, corporate and philanthropic



Reflecting on the collaborative work of our Indigenous, government and corporate

partners, we start to see a richness of solutions and outcomes emerging due

to the different skills and strengths that have been brought to the table. It is also

heartening to observe the changes in attitudes and the benefits flowing across

all three sectors as a result of this partnership through Jawun.