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Page Background Executive summary v Key insights vi Introduction 1 Jawun: Since 2001 3 Origins of Jawun 4 Key stages in the Jawun story 5 Where we are in 2015 8 A story of shared value 8 Creating value for corporate and government partners 11 Impact on individuals 12 Case study: Growing soft skills and intercultural competency 21 Case study: Becoming a leader 24 Case study: Joining the board of an Indigenous organisation 27 Impact within organisations 28 Case study: The corporate ‘why’—KPMG 29 Feature: Defence and Jawun—delivering a return on investment 31 Case study: Growing global intercultural competency 36 Case study: How the APS evaluates capability growth through secondments 39 Case study: Transitioning back into the workplace—IAG 40 A growing ripple effect 47 Changes within the individual 49 The ripple effect beyond the individual 53 Case study: A transformative friendship between schools 54 Conclusion 59 Acknowledgments 62 Notes 62